A (cynical) look at a world with LinkedIn (by Microsoft)

I have had a really frustrating week with Office365. As part of Office 2016 – which I have deployed in our business this

Five Tools To Help Recruiters

These are the top 5 easy tools that I use on a day-to-day basis to make life easy for me as a recruitment sourcer and markete

A Cool – Free – Flowchart Tool

I was looking for a new flowchart tool (I was getting a bit fed up with the stock Google Drive and Excel options) and came acr

Introduction to Archively, JustClipIt and HelloTalent

13 Lessons I Learned From Selecting A New Recruitment Software Provider

I see a lot of questions relating to this topic posted on recruitment communities. “What CRM do you recommend?” “Wha

Extract your Google Results to a Spreadsheet

Irina Shamaeva recently posted a link to this page which talks about converting your Google search results to an RSS feed. I

What recruiters need to do to be innovative

Innovation is a term often used incorrectly.    Balance Boards are not innovative (although they are quite cool) This floati

How Difficult Is It To Practice What You Preach?

A short post that is a minor rant. In two days, I have came across examples of either recruiters or recruitment related servic

Using Google Trends For Sourcing International Talent

Google Trends should be your best friend as a recruiter or sourcer for a number of reasons. As well as helping to optimise yo

#truScotland – the recruitment & HR unconference

On the day we will have Bill Boorman, Steve Ward, Matt Alder, Wendy McDougall, and many other industry leaders driving debate