A Cool – Free – Flowchart Tool

I was looking for a new flowchart tool (I was getting a bit fed up with the stock Google Drive and Excel options) and came acr

Introduction to Archively, JustClipIt and HelloTalent

13 Lessons I Learned From Selecting A New Recruitment Software Provider

I see a lot of questions relating to this topic posted on recruitment communities. “What CRM do you recommend?” “Wha

Extract your Google Results to a Spreadsheet

Irina Shamaeva recently posted a link to this page which talks about converting your Google search results to an RSS feed. I

What recruiters need to do to be innovative

Innovation is a term often used incorrectly.    Balance Boards are not innovative (although they are quite cool) This floati

How Difficult Is It To Practice What You Preach?

A short post that is a minor rant. In two days, I have came across examples of either recruiters or recruitment related servic

Using Google Trends For Sourcing International Talent

Google Trends should be your best friend as a recruiter or sourcer for a number of reasons. As well as helping to optimise yo

#truScotland – the recruitment & HR unconference

On the day we will have Bill Boorman, Steve Ward, Matt Alder, Wendy McDougall, and many other industry leaders driving debate

New Video – Example of how to use import.io to extract candidate info

I’ve finally got round to setting up my new YouTube channel. In my first video, I show you how you can use import.io to

New LinkedIn Group Message Limits

So as Twitter starts to open up it’s messaging platform, LinkedIn locks it down even further in an attempt to push recru