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The Joy Of Stripping & Peeling

Thankfully, this isn’t a blog about what I get up to at the weekend. The recent ‘changes’ and ‘enforce

The Tools I Spoke About At #SOSUEU

At Sourcing Summit Europe, the tools I included in my presentation were about getting the most out of the humble email address

My favourite way to find email addresses for (almost) free

At Sourcing Summit Europe, my session was focused on how email campaigns can be an incredible method of building relationships

My (Brief) Review Of Sourcing Summit Europe #SOSUEU

Sourcing Summit Europe finally took place this week and I was lucky enough to attend. With more than 350 of Europe’s lea

Sourcehack For Recruiters – A Twitter Hack That Will Save You Time

Today’s top tip is a little hack to help build your Twitter following track of people on Twitter who are talking about d

List of Sites For Free Images To Use In Job Postings and Adverts

A pet hate of mine is people using unlicensed images on social media or in job postings.   There are plenty of free resource

Five Tools To Help Recruiters

These are the top 5 easy tools that I use on a day-to-day basis to make life easy for me as a recruitment sourcer and markete

A Cool – Free – Flowchart Tool

I was looking for a new flowchart tool (I was getting a bit fed up with the stock Google Drive and Excel options) and came acr

Introduction to Archively, JustClipIt and HelloTalent

13 Lessons I Learned From Selecting A New Recruitment Software Provider

I see a lot of questions relating to this topic posted on recruitment communities. “What CRM do you recommend?” “Wha