Three Steps To Getting The Attention Of Your Dream Candidate

It’s been a couple of weeks!

It is financial year end here in agency land. That means we are heavily in planning for 2017. Budgets are being finalised and strategy refined, meaning that my time is rarer than a Democratic President-elect.

My theme for the rest of the year is about how to get the attention of people who may be potential candidates online

Identifying names is easy. Engaging with prospective talent however…

Start with some basics. I’m assuming that you will already have mapped out the persona of person that you are targeting.

  • Where do people hangout online? Outside of work, people will visits a diverse range of websites. Where do people who match your persona hangout? Think out of the box with this! There are some weird and wonderful interests and hobbies out there. For example, who knew there was a forum dedicated to Toy Voyaging!
  • What other interests do they have? Think about what other interests they have that are either associated with their work – or not. If you are recruiting for a sports marketer, then it is likely they will like the pages of sports clubs. If they have a degree, then they are probably the member of an alumni group on LinkedIn or Facebook.
  • Where is the group likely to voice their opinions? People like to engage online with like-minded professionals. A lot of groups are boring (I tend to stay from those on LinkedIn for example). However there are tens of thousands of groups on Facebook that are far more interesting, relating to every professional imaginable (check out Life on the road for women truck drivers on Facebook).

Engage with people in the right channels and with a genuine message. You will see results.

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