The Tools I Spoke About At #SOSUEU

At Sourcing Summit Europe, the tools I included in my presentation were about getting the most out of the humble email address. I thought it was worth putting a bit of focus on the tools I mentioned.

#1 – Firefish Software

My little fishy friends in Glasgow have a great CRM solution that works well for both in-house teams and agencies that are looking for an easy to use but fully featured solution. Available in a few different flavours, it works brilliantly in the background to refresh old candidates.

#2 – Facebook Remarketing

There are tons of remarketing options available on Facebook through custom audiences. You can serve adverts to people by matching up the emails addresses contained within your CRM to those held on Facebook and also retarget website visitors by using the tracking pixel.

#3 – Candidate.ID

Another cool retargeting tool, and one also one that can be used for nurturing people through your candidate pipeline. Candidate.ID scores people based on their interaction with content that you send, post and publish.

I’m working with Candidate.ID to get feedback from the market on the platform – get in touch if you would like more information about it.

#4 РEmail Hippo 

My favourite email validation platform. Reasonably priced, good performance and an open API. Before you embark on any new campaign then you should use this to clean up and verify your list. You can validate tens of thousands of email addresses for very little cash.

I hope you find these useful. What email tools do you use in your organisation?

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