My favourite way to find email addresses for (almost) free

At Sourcing Summit Europe, my session was focused on how email campaigns can be an incredible method of building relationships with new potential candidates – but only if done correctly. So I wanted to share my method of building email lists quickly.

This hack comes with an anti-spam warning – do not abuse it!

This process is going to help you scrape a list of potential candidates that you have found, then generate email addresses automatically for those candidates.

Step 1

I’m going to use three different tools for this, so make sure you have an account with each before you start.

  • Blockspring – free trial for 14 days, $10 / month afterwards.
    • At the same time, you will enable Blockspring in your spreadsheet programme of choice – Excel or Google Sheets. Functionality isn’t really affected (although I prefer Google Sheets).
  • EmailHippo – free account is sufficient for our needs.
  • IMPORT.IO – free account is sufficient for our needs.

Link your Blockspring account to EmailHippo by clicking the connect button thispage.

Step 2

Use IMPORT.IO to scrape a list of potential candidates that you have found. I created a quick video that tells you how to do this.


Step 3

Depending on the source you use, you will need to clean up the data that has been extracted a bit.

  • I tend to separate first and last names into separate columns (if IMPORT.IO doesn’t do that for you).
  • Don’t include middle name.
  • I also remove phrases such as Ltd, Plc, Llp, and Corporation from the¬†company name.

Step 4

Run Blockspring and find the Email Hippo block. Use the insert formula function and amend the formula so that it looks at first name, last name and company name to auto generate an email address.

Blockspring might seem a bit intimidating at first – but there is tons of help in their documentation. And of course, you can ask me if you need any support.

What do you think of this hack? I would love your feedback.

I’m a track leader at truGlasgow¬†(formally know as truScotland) on November 3rd and will be talking about this hack plus many others. Get your tickets now!

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