My (Brief) Review Of Sourcing Summit Europe #SOSUEU

Sourcing Summit Europe finally took place this week and I was lucky enough to attend. With more than 350 of Europe’s leading sourcing talent attending, it was a great opportunity to learn. So I wanted to share some of my favourite things that happened during an amazing three days.

(1) Finally getting round to creating some bookmarklets

The dedicated sosuhack pre-event…event…was a great idea. I’m sure you all agree, as busy sourcers, there are just some things we don’t get round to learning. So I worked with the team on javascript bookmarklets, which is something that has been on my to-do list for some time.

More on bookmarklets in a future email.

(2) Finally meeting Irina Shamaeva

I’ve been lucky enough to be in touch with Irina online for a while now. I finally got the chance to meet her – a wonderful honour.

(3) Social Engineering with Glen Cathey

In his great keynote, Glen spoke about the art of elicitation. We do this everyday – but have you thought about how far you go? Is the language you are using just white hat and grey hat – or are you verging into the manipulative black hat areas. Recruiters are incredibly guilty of this – and Glen’s keynote reminded my to think more about the language I am using. Whilst he was speaking, I did also buy Social Engineering – The Art Of Human Hack by Chris Hadnagy on Amazon.

(4) Diversity Sourcing on Speed with Ralitsa Burneva

Patronymic names. I didn’t really think about this as a way of quickly narrowing down my search results be gender. Great tip.

(5) Willem Wijnans and the importance of referrals

I thought our team did ok with referrals. But Willem and his team at improbable blow us out of the water. Their hires often generate three to five referrals each who more often than not are placed.

(6) Karen Azulai – the most honest presentation of the week

It takes guts to go up on stage and talk about what you do wrong, but Karen did it. We are never perfect sourcers but how you deal with the issues that do arise impacts on how much you learn.

(7) An ambitious target from Dave Hazelhurst

Nationwide Building Society – yes, a boring building society – now spend NOTHING on job boards. That’s right, nothing. That is my new target. Can this be achieved in a generalist agency?

(8) Matt Burney Talks About Reversing Migration Paths

Great data from Matt Burney at Indeed. The traditional migration paths are reversing, creating an influx of highly qualified, talented people into countries with traditionally high levels of emigration (such as India).

(9) Awesome hacks from Guillaume Alexandre

Another great sourcing guru I finally got to meet, Guillaume had some fantastic hacks – including a reminder of how to create free Twitter cards to pin to your profile page.

(10) Shane McCusker and the Facebook sourcing hack that even Facebook use!

Shane is a legend and his software is so good that even Facebook’s sourcing team use his Facebook sourcing tool! And a new version is coming soon!

UPDATE – Shane’s amazing new Facebook Search Tool is now LIVE – you can find it here!

What a fantastic three days it was. If you have not managed to get along to #SOSUEU yet – I highly recommend that you do. A massive thanks to Phil Tusing for inviting me along.

I’ll be sending out some more hacks from #SOSUEU – including my own process for auto-generating email addresses and more on those javascript bookmarklets – over the next week.



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