Sourcehack For Recruiters – A Twitter Hack That Will Save You Time

Today’s top tip is a little hack to

  • help build your Twitter following
  • track of people on Twitter who are talking about different topics – for example events, trends and news

I’m going to tell you – step by step – how to build a list of these people on Twitter – automatically!

Step 1 – Find A Topic That You Want To Track

Right now on Twitter the hashtag #ThursdayThoughts is trending, so I’m going to use that. Once you have decided your topic, then setup a Twitter list with a name you will recognise. If you don’t know about Twitter lists, then this article will help. You don’t need to do anything else with this list just now.

Step 2 – Sign Up For IFTTT (If This, Then That) And Link Your Twitter Account

IFTTT allows you to link up different online services using an item called arecipe. We are going to use it to link a Twitter search to the list we have setup on Twitter. Then click on channels and link your Twitter account to the service.

Step 3 – Setup Your Recipe

I have setup the recipe for you on IFTTT – click the Advanced Settings button to change the search to the topic you have picked (this is the keyword that IFTTT will use to search Twitter) and the name of Twitter list to what you created in Step 1. Once you have made your changes, click Add.

If all has gone according to plan (we love it when a plan comes together) then you should see a nice green Recipe created success sign!

So when people tweet about that topic, they will be added automatically to the list you created in step 1. You can see it in action by checking out the list I created by clicking here. Within ten minutes of setting it up, 80 people have been added. The other benefit is that people get notified when you add them to a list – and a lot of them will follow you because of it, so it can be a nice way of increasing your follower count.

How would you use this Twitter hack? Let me know your thoughts!

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