Five Tools To Help Recruiters

These are the top 5 easy tools that I use on a day-to-day basis to make life easy for me as a recruitment sourcer and marketer to:

  • Find Candidates
  • Manage Candidate
  • Write job adverts
  • Scrape Data

Hopefully they will help you too!

(1) SEMRush

Brilliant keyword and competitor research tool. It has a really limited free version to let you try before you buy. But the pro version – which should meet the needs of any sourcer or recruiter – is less than $70 a month which is really good value.

Use this for:

  • Keeping an eye on your recruitment competitors.
  • Check out what information your clients put online to optimise their job adverts (they will probably have a bigger SEO budget than you).
  • Carrying out keyword research to write job adverts that candidates will actually be able to find and relate to.

(2) Google Custom Search Engine

I’ve built a range of search engines that are tailored towards specific types of search needs. It helps to speed up my day.

Use this for:

  • Saving time by building search engines that automate strings that you use on a regular basis.
  • Building recruitment search engines into your corporate intranet or ATS / CRM.
  • Working round LinkedIn search restrictions if you do not have budget for a paid LinkedIn account.

(3) Canva

Images stand out . Canva is a free tool that allows you to build images without having any knowledge of complex software applications like Photoshop.

Use this for:

  • Creating social media headers that look awesome.
  • Making images that you can use in your job descriptions to make them not look like typical job descriptions.
  • Putting together images that can be used in social media and other marketing to promote you or your business.

(4) HelloTalent (H/T Oscar Mager)

In my opinion the leading tool for gathering information about people that you find online in one place.

Use this for:

  • Creating talent pools of candidates that you can then send to your client or line manager for review.
  • Gathering different types of information about people in one central place.
  • A pre-CRM tool for gathering information about people before you quality them as candidates.

(5) DataScraper

A great Chrome Extension for recruiters that you can use to quickly export data that you find online into a spreadsheet.

Use this for:

  • Extracting contact details for people that you find online into a spreadsheet.
  • A way to extract data that is a bit easier to use than more complicated tools like Outwit (although I recommended learning how to use that too).
  • Creating market research to use when working with clients or line managers.

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