Using Google Trends For Sourcing International Talent

Google Trends should be your best friend as a recruiter or sourcer for a number of reasons.

As well as helping to optimise your content, it is brilliant for finding pockets of talent internationally for your jobs by identifying nationalities that are most likely to consider a move.

Let’s look at a simple example of how this could work.

I have used Trends to look at three terms – IT jobs UK, IT Jobs England and IT Jobs in London.

I can then look at regional variations to identify from which countries people are searching for these terms.

When I check all three searches, three locations stick out – Ireland, Canada and India. If people in those locations are searching for these type of jobs, then common sense dictates they are most likely to consider moving. Awesome.

I can then take that a step further. If I click against India, then the drill-down goes to a local level.

Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are the two regions that search most for IT Jobs in the UK in India.

How could use this information to take this search a step further?

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