Can Small Businesses Recruit Like Google?

I’ve been reading
Work Rules! Insights From Inside Google
Laszlo Bock
, SVP for People Operations at Google. I highly recommend that anyone in talent acquisition or human resources picks up a copy. 

One thing that is striking about Google’s recruitment practice is the focus on quality. To quote Laslo :-

“Hire only the best by taking your time, hiring only people who are better than you in some meaningful way, and not letting manager making hiring decisions for their own teams.”

Which, in a perfect world, I don’t think anyone would disagree with this. 
In the real world though, this is simple impossible for three main reasons:-
  • Not every business is Google
Generally – and there are some exceptions – candidates will jump through hoops and wait for as long as they need to to work for Google. Small businesses simply cannot wait for months to hire the right person, as our competition will not. 
  • Our need is right now, not in three months
Whether it is a Recruiter or Administrator, requirements are often right now here. Client demand dictates a significant portion of our workload, so often even recruiting someone with a notice period can be impossible. Not having a ‘bum on a seat’ can have a significant impact. 
  • Responsibility for team performance starts at the recruitment process of the team
If the hiring manager cannot make a hiring decision for their own team, then can you ultimately make that manager responsible for the performance of that team?  
There is a lot within the book that I agree with, but always ‘hiring the best’ is something I cannot. And I’m sure most small businesses would agree. 

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