How Do People Describe Themselves Online?

One of the most important skills of a sourcer is the ability to search based on how people write about themselves online. People describe themselves in many ways and this will lead us to different sources:-

“I love Java” 
– this search leads us to a forum called WebHostingTalk
“I’m a * Engineer”
with keywords manufacturing or mechanical – this leads us to umpteen potential sources including flat rental sites and employer sites. 
“Call me on”
 with phrase “Sales Director” – leads us to profiles containing telephone numbers. 
A good example of this recently has been when I’ve ran a search for a Hadoop guy or girl. Running this search:-
Leads me to:-
  • The MeetUp page of a Big Data bloke. When cross referenced against LinkedIn, he describes himself as a programmer, so if I had ran a job title search on LinkedIn I probably wouldn’t necessarily have found him. 
  • The Twitter page of a Hadoop specialist at IBM who – when I cross reference against LinkedIn – doesn’t even mention Hadoop. 
Some very simple examples that highlights the importance of language in your candidate search. Why not pull together a crib sheet as a reference point? 

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