4 easy steps to auto-add to Twitter lists!

Building lists on Twitter is a great way of tracking candidates and prospects, hence allowing you to start building up a relationship. Take a look at my list page…

On my Twitter, I track:-

  • Competitors
  • In-house Recruiters
  • Breweries
  • Shops I like
  • Technology providers
  • Sourcing experts
  • CS50 contributors (an online computer science course via EDX)
  • Music I love
  • Recruitment News

So it’s incredibly helpful for both me and my drinking habits. Although I do add Twitter users manually to these lists, I also automate it a lot. How do you do this in four steps?

  1. Setup your list in Twitter.
  2. Create a search about the type of accounts you want to find. This could be events, themes, TV programmes, programming skills. Use Twitter’s Advanced Operators for this and it is based on what users are tweeting about.
  3. Register for IFTTT and/or sign-in.
  4. Create a Twitter Recipe on IFTTT and tell it to add any users who match the search your created in step 2 to the list you create in step 1.

Here is an example. I setup an automated Twitter list last night called CS50. It tracks everyone who is talking about the hashtag #CS50 on Twitter. It had 24 members on it last night, and it now has 31.

(Edit – just to clarify, I setup the CS50 list in SocialBro first and did an initial search to populate the list with users who had previously mentioned #CS50 in their timeline).

Easy peasy.

I’m a sourcing and recruitment technology geek who takes great pleasure in making life easier for recruiters. Follow me on Twitter for more help and advice.

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