Recruiters – technology is your friend!

You must keep in touch with your candidates. There is too much potential value in those relationships. 

One of our Recruiters received some great feedback from a candidate this week. 

She did not place him. However, he was so impressed that he committed to giving her future vacancies in his new role. Next best thing to a placement maybe, alongside a good referral.
Why he was he impressed? The Recruiter simply did the basics. 
  • She was professional. 
  • Was organised, and ensured she knew the progress of the candidate with the client. 
  • Reliable in communicating with the candidate – both in pushing updates out, and responding to queries that came in.
As I say – this is basic. But on a daily basis, I hear stories through blogs and postings about Recruiters who do not do this. It is very simple to do – and technology can help. 
Think about your candidate touch-points. Here are some examples of what should happen, but often doesn’t:-
  • Make sure every application receives a response or acknowledgement. 
  • If you do not progress a candidate, make sure that they know. 
  • For those that you progress, agree a communications plan with them – how, when, and why.
  • Make sure that communication plan is adhered to! 
  • Log all activity for your own, your colleagues, and your candidates benefit. 
What technology can assist you with this? Here are some of my favourites. 

Zapier and IFTTT review

    – IF this, THEN that – an automation tool. A great recipe to enable – IF you receive an SMS, THEN forward that as an email. Makes it easy to log the activity. 
  • Automation in your ATS – for example,
    daXtra technologies
    generates an automatic response when you load a candidate to your ATS. No need to manually acknowledge. Additionally, ATS workflows allow you to confirm each candidate stage automatically via ATS. Use that.
  • Trello
    – I’ve recently started using Trello as it was recommend to me by
    Kim Williamson
    . I use it for tracking projects. A very clear method of keeping on top of things. Why not create a board for each candidate you are using?
  • Evernote
    – Or instead of Trello, Evernote. More of a notepad style tool, you can also use this to log candidate activity. The search tool within it is first class. 
What technology do you use to keep in touch with candidates? 

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