Updated – Top 10 Tools Recruiters should be using now!

These are my top ten tools to use to help source candidates and effectively contact them.

It’s by no means a definitive guide and please note that new tools are coming out every day. I welcome your suggestions!

It’s also worth noting that every tools work differently and might use your personal information in different ways. Make sure you understand how they work before installing them.

Most of these tools are free, and as always, my browser of choice is 
Google Chrome

(1) REENTRY – 

I’m using it again. I’ve had major issues with the Outlook plugin lately that LinkedIn have told me isn’t resolvable. So I’ve dipped in to Rapportive again and I’m very happy with it. It now works with the new GMail composer (I had issues with this before and it’s the main reason why I dropped it). 

(2) NEW Entry – 



This is the updated group of search tools from the lovely people at SocialTalent. A great resource for when you are getting started in boolean searching across multiple sites. 

(in beta)

These are the three best known extensions for Chrome that try and find your candidates social media footprint (giving you lots of different ways to find them). 360social is still the best, but is terribly slow. Prophet is new and promising, but is very much a beta. Data quality in Connectifier isn’t as hot, but it some other great features.


Track your searches, easily save information across multiple devices, write your shopping list….I cannot live without Evernote.


A brilliant free mind mapping software. I use this when taking jobs and for notes during mapping exercises.


Superb tool for saving names to shortlists, adding notes and tags. You can then export results into a CSV file.

(7) NEW Entry – 

Keep your candidates secure by using a unique password for every site and tool you use.


Extract data quickly using either one of these tools. I use both, as one can be better than the other depending on the site you are pulling data from.


Because a search isn’t a search if you don’t have a decent soundtrack.


Do I need to say much about this?

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