LinkedIn Search changes – Good, Bad, Ugly?

LinkedIn have recently announced some 
significant changes
 to how we can use and benefit from their Search function (thanks to 
Irina Shamaeva
 for the original share).

The two changes that impact the most are:-

  • You will now be able to see the names of those in your extended network (3rd degree) who appear in your search results.
  • There is now a 
    ‘commercial use limit’
     that will each month cap the number of searches you can run. It is not known at the moment what this limit is, but you will receive a warning when you have 30% of your searches remaining for the month.

How does this impact you as a Recruiter?

The good:-

  • You can now see the names of those who are in your extended network who do not have a public profile.
  • It will be no longer necessary to go to a search engine to reveal the names of those in your extended network who have a public profile.

The bad:-

  • You will not be able to run searches using the excellent LinkedIn tool once you hit the monthly commercial use limit.

HOWEVER – you will be able to work around this cap by running an x-ray search from Google or Bing – this will unfortunately not include profiles that are not public (but the vast majority are).

Overall, I think this is a positive change. For some, it will be worthwhile upgrading to one of the premium options that are available to lift the commercial use limit. For others, continuing to use x-ray techniques (or learning how to) will be the way forward.

What route will you take?

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